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Sonya Rodier Framing offers personalized custom framing services for photographers. As a specialized framing studio, our mission is to offer each of our clients the highest quality solutions to display their work in its best light. Whether you are preparing for an exhibit, redecorating your home, or wish to offer your photographs as gifts to your friends and family, we guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with the final product.

We believe that the purpose of a frame is to lead the eye to, and keep the eye on, the photograph. The most beautiful frame is the frame that accentuates both your photographs and your decor.


Sonya Rodier Framing prides itself on the uniqueness of the frames we offer. We are always looking for new, fun, and attractive frames that you will not find everywhere else. We take care in hand selecting from interesting collections that promise to inspire you.


Just like your photographs are unique, your frames should be too!

Framing Services Sonya Rodier Photography
Framing Services Sonya Rodier Photography
Framing Services Sonya Rodier Photography

At Sonya Rodier Framing, our primary focus is on you! We begin by getting to know more about you, your photographs, your design preferences, and your framing objectives. Once we’ve understood your personal tastes as well as your photographic style, we present you with frame and mat packages that will best compliment your work. Our goal is to make the selection process an easy, comfortable, and fun experience.

Sonya Rodier Framing takes care of you and all your framing projects… You create the photograph and we make it stand out!


Sonya Rodier Framing is a member of the Professional Picture Framers Association.

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For all your photographic framing projects, contact Sonya using this form.

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